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Brain Gym for Special Needs Provider Teachers Training (MBL170 TT)

Becoming a Teacher of Brain Gym® MBL170

The course titled Brain Gym® for Special Needs Providers (MBL170) was developed by Cecilia Koester for the Educational Kinesiology Foundation in 1998. In the interest of having this body of work taught worldwide, by both Cecilia Koester and others, she now has a mentoring process that allows others to teach this life-changing course. If you are interested in becoming an instructor/facilitator of this course, feel free to contact her via email.

Requirements to teach the 4-day Brain Gym® for Special Needs Providers course
(Please take note that this process is currently undergoing revision and is subject change)

  • Current license recognized by the Educational Kinesiology Foundation within the country the applicant resides. It is not necessary to have taught the introductory course of the Brain Gym curriculum prior to obtaining a license to teach Brain Gym for Special Needs Providers (MBL170). However, it is required that the trainee have a current license, and maintain said license.
  • Attendance at Brain Gym® for Special Needs Providers (MBL170), a four-day course offered internationally and throughout the USA, a minimum of two times.
  • Attendance at the Brain Gym® for Special Needs Providers (MBL170) course, wherein the mentor (the person providing guidance for the trainee) assigns small sections of the class to be taught by the trainee. The mentor will provide feedback to the trainee. This is typically offered within the context of the third time that the trainee attends a MBL170 class.
  • A student-teach class wherein the trainee teaches the entire four-day course with guidance from the mentor who will be sitting at the back of the room or within the circle. It is expected that the trainee will ask for clarification whenever needed throughout the course and the mentor will inconspicuously provide answers and support to the trainee. The mentor will provide feedback to the trainee.
  • Six case studies that include the use of the developmental Building Block Activities (5 + 1 individual) are required to be submitted via email to the mentor. These case studies are to demonstrate the use of both Brain Gym and the Building Block Activities with children/adults who are differently challenged.
  • Demonstration of extensive knowledge, through conversation with the mentor and the teaching of the BG170 class, of the suggested reading list and current websites.
  • Demonstration of skills to work with children/adults who are differently abled.
  • Demonstration of language skills to express content of the MBL170 class.
  • Demonstration of skills needed to teach to larger groups, i.e. group dynamics.

License Awarding

Final approval to teach BG170 is contingent on the successful demonstration of the above. The originator of this course, and/or her designated assignees, determines the final assessment. The trainee will be awarded the license to teach BG170 upon successful completion of the above. The length of time this process takes is determined by mutual consent of the mentor and trainee.